4G Vinaphone 1 Năm

4g Vinaphone 1 Năm

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Have you ever wished for a 4G data plan that lasts for an entire year? Well, your wish just came true! Vinaphone is now offering 40 4G data packages that come with a one-year validity. These packages are divided into two groups: one group offers discounted rates when paid in advance for a year, while the other group maintains its regular prices. Let’s take a closer look at these exciting offerings.

1. 24 Discounted 4G Vinaphone Packages for a Year

By choosing to pay in advance for a year, you can enjoy discounted rates on various 4G data packages. For example, when you select the 4G 12-month package or the BIG70 12T, BIG90 12T, BIG 120 12T, BIG 200 12T, MAX100 12T, MAX200 12T, MAX300 12T, D15G 12T, D30G 12T packages, you can save from 9,000 to 50,000 Vietnamese dong per month compared to monthly payments. These discounted rates apply to most prepaid subscriptions, with a few packages exclusively designed for specific user groups.

Các gói 4G 1 năm BIG của VinaPhone dung lượng lớn mà giá lại rẻ

1.1 How to Register for a 1-Year 4G Vinaphone Package

To register for a 1-year 4G Vinaphone package, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Visit the Shop VNPT website and go to “Di động” (Mobile) -> “Gói cước” (Packages) -> “Gói data” (Data Packages).

Vào “Di động” -> “Gói cước”

  1. Choose the 4G data package you want to use for a year and meet the registration requirements, then click on “Đăng ký” (Register).

Ấn nút “Đăng ký” ở gói muốn sử dụng

  1. Enter the requested information, such as your phone number and referral details. Make sure to check the box “Tôi không phải là người máy” (I am not a robot) and click on “Tiếp tục” (Continue) to complete the registration process as guided by the system.

Điền thông tin để hoàn tất

These packages are available for a 12-month duration. However, if you prefer a different timeframe, you can explore various options ranging from 3 months to 1 year, such as the “Tổng hợp gói cước Happy của VinaPhone” (Happy Packages) and “Tổng hợp thông tin gói cước Club VinaPhone” (Club Packages).

1.2. 16 4G Vinaphone Packages at Regular Rates for a Year

In contrast to the discounted packages mentioned above, these packages require the full payment without any discounts. The 16 packages include options like HOC60 12T, THAGA60 12T, MAX69 12T, MAX79V 12T, MAX109V 12T, BIG129V 12T, HOC 90 12T, D30S 12T, D60S 12T, VD149S 12T, D60G 12T, D99V 12T, D129V 12T, D159V 12T, TRÀ SỮA SIZE M 12T, and B30 12T.

5 Viettel 4G Packages for a Year

Viettel also offers 5 4G packages that last for one year (360 – 361 days). These packages are available to all subscribers, with the D900 package exclusively designed for certain users.

4 MobiFone 4G Packages for a Year

MobiFone currently provides 4 4G data packages that can be used for 1 year (360 days).

If you would like to learn more about Vinaphone’s 1-year 4G packages, please reach out to their hotline at 1800 1091 or visit the Shop VNPT website.