10-port Gigabit Cloud Managed Router RUIJIE RG-EG210G-P


Port Isolation for security CCTV network

– RG-EG series supports per-port VLAN and network segment division, and provides a cascade port for surveillance switch expansion, isolating the surveillance network and data network.

Multiple WAN Policies

– Supports PPPoE, static IP, dynamic IP, and other WAN port connection modes, as well as smart routing based on the carrier address database, and policy-based routing for load balancing and active/standby switching. It also supports load balancing based on source addresses so that services such as online banking login will no longer fail due to IP conversion.

Copying the Dial-up Password

– By obtaining the dial-up account password from the existing router, users do not have to worry about forgetting the password when replacing the router.

IP sec VPN

– Provide VPN services for headquarters and branches, up to 8 branches.

Network Management

– When RG-EG is used as an egress gateway, it can also serve as a unified controller for the entire network. The industry-leading unified network controller for router+ switch + wireless can manage up to 150 APs and 120 cloud managed switches.


Model RG-EG210G-P Port 10 10/100/1000M Base-T ports, supporting up to 4 WAN ports (Default: 1 WAN port and 9 LAN ports, LAN8, LAN7 and LAN6 can be switched to WAN ports) RAM 256MB Flash 16MB Maximum number of clients Up to 200 concurrent clients Recommended bandwidth 600M asymmetric bandwidth (flow control disabled) 500M asymmetric bandwidth (flow control enabled) Local power supply Support 220V AC local power supply Power consumption <80W Network Network access PPPoE dial-up, DHCP client, static IP, automatic identification of access methods, automatic avoidance of WAN port address conflicts, MAC cloning, obtaining account passwords from existing routers Routing Static routing, policy-based routing, carrier address routing, active/standby mode, load balancing based on source address, flow-based load balancing, port-based weighted load balancing of data streams Security ACL, IP-MAC binding, MAC address filtering, dynamic ARP, static ARP binding, NAT, NAPT, port mapping Other protocols DHCP Server, DHCP Client, DHCP Option43/ 138, DNS Client, DNS Server, DNS Proxy, TFTP, NTP, DDNS Gateway Flow control Support custom flow control policies, IP-based automatic bandwidth assignment Traffic audit Real-time traffic audit, IP traffic visualization Behavior management Time-based and IP policy-based access control VPN IPsec VPN (8 tunnels) server and client Wireless management Management capacity In AC mode, the maximum management capacity is 500 In gateway mode, the maximum management capacity is 150 AP management Support multi-SSID configuration, SSID hiding, channel setting, power setting, AP wired port setting, AP online upgrade, STA quantity setting, STA blacklist and whitelist Roaming Support local forwarding roaming, Layer 2 roaming, Layer 3 roaming between APs, viewing of STA roaming track Switch management Management capacity Maximum manageable cloud managed switches: 128 Port management Loop protection, port mirroring, port isolation, port configuration, PoE configuration, port limit, storm control, static MAC, MAC search Status display Port statistics, monitoring information, cable detection, VLAN configuration, MAC list Upgrade management Per-device upgrade, batch upgrade Value added features Featured solutions Single-cable IPTV solution, port service VLAN and network segment isolation solution, smart fault diagnosis solution, intranet penetration solution, auto-networking solution Management Eweb and Ruijie Cloud Physical Dimensions 202×107×28 (mm) Weight 1.5kg Working Temperature 0℃~40℃ Storage temperature -10℃~70℃ Working humidity 10%~90% RH non-condensing Storage humidity 5%~95% RH non-condensing

– Bảo hành: 3 năm.